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Furthermore, Swiss Rolex Replicai L'Ammiraglio del Tempo piece is equipped with a striking mechanism. Namely, it features Westminster chimes which match the sound of the striking mechanism on the Big Ben. This sort of trait means that the mechanism creates a short melody on every quarter of an hour and all of the quarters are sounded differently. For the first quarter, there is only one bar of four notes, while every subsequent one is signified with the inclusion of another bar of four notes to the melody.

The fact that L'Ammigraglio del Tempo has a minute repeater is clearly visible since four gongs and hammers of its mechanism can be seen on the skeletonized section of the dial. What is not so clear is the means for the activation of the mechanism. Unlike the watches with the same complication, this watch does not include a visible slider or a push-piece which would trigger the audible indication of time. This is because the slider is actually cleverly disguised. It is in fact hidden in the lower left lug which can be tilted 30 degrees to the left side. After that, the minute repeater sounds the correct time.Swiss Rolex Replica This sort of solution is not only original and interesting, but also very functional from the design angle. The lack of the additional slider prevents the disruption of harmonious lines of the case which has the recognizable styling of the Daniel Roth series. Moreover, the clarity and overall quality of the sound that the minute repeater emits is top-notch, once again proving the brand's prominent place as one of the most successful manufacturers of watches with a striking mechanism.

By the way, the irregularly shaped housing of the watch features the length of 50 mm, the diameter of 45.75 mm and the thickness of 14.9 mm. Considering that the watch is made with an 18 K gold casing, the larger dimensions certainly raise the price of this superbly complex watch even further. The construction of the housing also includes sapphire crystals on both sides of the case,Rolex DateJust Replica while the supported water resistance of the watch is 30 meters. Swiss Rolex Replicai L'Ammiraglio del Tempo is coupled with a leather strap which locks with a simple pin buckle.

There are two versions of the watch. The more numerous is the one with a red gold case and an upper section of the dial which is also made of gold and painted in black (the face also features skeletonized golden hands and four Roman numerals). This version is made in 20 pieces. Even scarcer (10 piece edition) is the second version in white gold. This variation is made with a blue dial. Both restricted series of the model feature attachments in the same color as their dials.