Your Questions

In our several years of service, we have received several of your questions. What we have done is to compile some of them them and provide you answers.

Why do the ordinary seats on the market break down after only a few months of use?

Seats that break down after only a few months or even days are generally very cheap in quality. They are of very cheap construction. They generally come at very cheap prices.

How can one tell a good chair from a bad one?

  • Look for the mechanism under the seat. The mechanism is what allows the chair its various adjustments. The more adjustments the chair has, the better the chair. A good chair would have more metal parts than plastic.
  • Look at how the seat and backrest are formed. Lift the chair and feel the weight of it.

Do you have seats that we can use in our reception area?

Afrodan stocks seats of all kinds. From sophisticated theatre seats, to the most simple office chair.

What area does your "free transportation" service cover?

Our free transportation service covers Accra and Tema, Ghana. However, depending on the volume of purchase, we can deliver outside this area.

How quickly can you deliver and set up our furniture when we place an order?

For very large contracts, we allow up to 12 weeks for delivery because goods have to be specially ordered from our manufacturers (because of colour coordination, etc). For not so big orders, delivery is immediate, installation is free.

Do you provide ergonomic furniture for schools?

Yes, RBM has a complete range of school furniture. The Danes are particularly serious with kids seating.

Will you be able to assess our current stock of furniture and advise us on appropriate changes that we need to make to ensure that our employees work in absolute comfort?

That is part of what we do. We give advise on office ergonomics.

Why do your seats adjust in so many ways?

This is so because the human body is not meant to be stationary. For our bodies to function well, we need to change our sitting position all the time. The position should depend on what we are doing at any moment behind the desk.

Are there any consequences of not using good supportive ergonomic furniture?

The consequences of not using good supportive ergonomic furniture are very severe health problems and even death.

Are you the sole agents and distributors of your advertised manufacturers and products in Ghana?

Afrodan Limited is the sole agent and distributor of all the products that we sell in Ghana.