About Afrodan Limited

At Afrodan Ghana Limited, we aim at maintaining our leadership in the provision of high quality ergonomic and durable office furniture in Ghana.

As humans, we are seated for more then 75,000 hours in our working life. Safety, well-being and performance in the workplace are the main values to be preserved. It is important that office chairs adequately support our backs, and indeed the entire body to ensure good health and to prevent repetitive strain injuries.

Office furniture from Afrodan is the result of years of research and development by our suppliers. The result is a unique combination of functionality and aesthetics. Our aim is to create an attractive and pleasant working environment.

At Afrodan, we supply good quality ergonomic furniture for offices, libraries, theatres, conference rooms, canteens, etc. We are sole agents and distributors of Mobilex - Italy, Bralco - Italy, Alea - Italy, Sinetica Industries - Italy, Dacota - France, Flokk - Norway, KAB Seating - UK and Nightingale - Canada.

We deliver and install all purchases within Accra and Tema.

Your back has to last you a lifetime. AFRODAN offers you the best support money can buy!!!

Our Vision

To maintain our lead in providing the highest quality ergonomic office furniture in Ghana.