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:: Six Good Tips to Help You Sit Comfortably ::

Always sit at the correct angle, and make sure that you sit fully on the seat of your chair. The seat of a chair should be at the same height as the length of your lower leg. This allows you to sit comfortably while you relax, read or talk.

For good sitting posture while you examine something lying on a table or desk, move your chair forward, place one foot in front of th eother and lean your upper body forward away from the back of the chair.

To relax your back while you read or talk on the telephone, tip the seat of your chair backwards, lean your body back and gently maintain the hollow in the lower part of your back.

An excellint position for reading, working at a computer screen or talking can be achieved by tipping the seat of your chair forwards slightly.

Keep moving. Stand up and walk around as often as possible. If you are sitting at a keyboard or making telehone calls, don't forget to stand up and stretch your legs from time to time.

Height-adjustable armrests are essential to comfortable office seating. Properly adjusted armrests provide the support you need to avoid stiffness and pain in your neck and shoulders.